an old discarded sterling cup, grandma’s lovingly polished silver spoons,rusty metal, chipped old paint, the colors and textures of nature and natural gemstones….all inspire me as a jewelry designer.

an early morning flea market trip might yield victorian coin silver demi-tasse spoons, a broken baby cup, a few old brass gears, a set of newspaper printing blocks.  all could have called to me from the bottom of a wet cardboard box, whispering …i want to be something new, something beautiful and loved…


my passion

i design and create unique jewelry incorporating found objects, natural gemstones, recycled copper and sterling silver, fine silver (precious metal clay) as well as bronze.

whether you view my work at one of my retail locations, a home show, or craft show, you will find something new. a different way to see something, the beauty of an unexpected object or texture.

i strive to make one-of-a-kind pieces. art for everyone, handcrafted with a conscience and a nod to history.